DPN promoting Digital Apprenticeships at Cape Cornwall School and Mounts Bay Academy Careers Fairs

During December 2014 and January 2015 DPN promoted Digital Apprenticeships to young people at both Cape Cornwall School and Mounts Bay Academy’s careers fairs.

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more common as way of gaining both skills and employment in today’s society. Apprenticeships have a long history in sectors such as construction and other associated trades, but what about the digital sector?
More and more companies are looking for employees with digital skills, to manage their websites, conduct internet marketing campaigns or advertise their company using social media. The growth of the internet and the speed of change in digital technology means that many companies are being left behind due to digital skills shortages amongst their employees. Apprenticeships can be a great way for young people to gain the skills that businesses need whilst working for a local company and being paid at the same time.
DPN can offer young people a range of Digital Apprenticeships. DPN can source employment in local companies and provide training to equip young people with the skills needed for their job role.
In December 2014 DPN promoted these fantastic opportunities at Cape Cornwall School’s annual careers fair and in January 2015 at the Mounts Bay Academy annual careers fair and hopes to encourage many young people to take advantage of the growth of the internet to find well paid employment in a digital job role.
For further information about Digital Apprenticeships contact Anita Symons by phone 01736 333700 or email anita@digitalpeninsula.com

Other news

Digital Peninsula Network Ltd. is looking to recruit a Project Manager to work as part of the PONToon (Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies to foster sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN) project team. The post is fixed term until the 31st October 2020.
The PONToon model will use a range of new technologies such as games development and 3D/virtual reality technology, social media and web/mobile apps to provide a model to engage with, support and up-skill women in order to support their economic inclusion. This represents a progression from the use of digital technologies for social inclusion to uses for economic inclusion.
dpn administrator job
This position is fixed-term to July 2018 in the first instance, but may be extended Salary: £15,000-£23,000 (FTE), dependent on experience