MANUEL SELEGANTE-BRAO, TREELOGY: Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ITQ)

One business that has received an invaluable boost in its early stages by receiving support from the ESF (European Social Fund) Convergence Work Place Learning Project is Treelogy, owned by Manuel Selegante-Brao.

Manuel contacted Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) shortly after starting his own business as a tree surgeon and tree care specialist. He was in the process of completing his training as an Arboriculturalist and knew that in order to make his business a success he would need to gain as much exposure as possible at a relatively low expense.

In the development stage of his business Manuel had hired a professional company to build his website for him but he was becoming frustrated with the high maintenance costs and lack of control that he felt he had.

Manuel enrolled on a course with DPN that would award him with a Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ITQ). The course was aimed at helping businesses to become self sufficient in a variety of IT skills and included training on how to build and manage a website and edit images for both print and web and provided training and support in numerous basic IT skills such as internet safety and improving productivity using IT.

DPN was able to provide this training free of charge to Manuel by securing funding from the Work Place Learning project.

By completing this course Manuel was able to achieve his goal of creating a website that he could have complete control of and he felt confident in his new found abilities. Manuel felt that:    

“I came out of the course feeling totally capable of managing and developing my own website”

In addition to control over the management of his website Manuel also completed the course with improved knowledge of how to use images to create a variety of marketing materials including business cards and flyers. All of this enabled him to gain the exposure that he needed to make him the first person many people contacted when looking for tree care services.

Since competing the training with DPN Manuel’s business has gone from strength to strength. Manuel feels that the training was one of the first steps of many that turned his fledgling business into a highly successful and profitable one and 2014 has been his most successful year yet with many contracts completed. In his own words, Manuel added:

“My business has improved a lot over the past couple of years; I have much more experience and now get bigger contracts and have a higher status in the industry. This is all thanks to my increased exposure.”