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Patricia Peacock: MailChimp and Facebook for Business Training

Patricia set up Twisted Bobbins Weaving selling handwoven luxury scarves over two years ago and has been looking for ways to grow her business, increase the customer base and raise brand awareness. As she is located on Isles of Scilly, she knows the importance of promoting your business online and making potential customers aware of your products before they set foot on the island and also give them a way to find your products again once they leave. She wanted to be able to use her existing database of past, current and potential customers plus find ways to increase this list. With a customer database, Patricia could communicate with her customers in a professional way giving customers more ways and reasons to visit her studio and website and buy her products. She also wanted to improve her use of social media so she could keep her customers up to date of her products and communicate with them regularly.

DPN were able to provide Patricia with a free place on the course by accessing ESF / SFA funding from the Skills Support for the Workforce project. By providing Patricia with cost free training it meant that she was able to focus more of her resources in the other elements of her business.

Patricia signed up for the course so she could develop a clearer, more focussed online marketing strategy that would be more time efficient and productive. She was relatively new to Facebook and had used it only occasionally for personal and business use. She needed to re-vamp the current Facebook business page so it looked professional, spoke to her target market and reached more people. At the course, Patricia learned about how to post exciting and engaging content that speaks to customers and encourages them to action (i.e. visit the studio, buy products, commission work). She also learned how to set up a mailing list through her Facebook page which could be used for e-newsletters.

Patricia was familiar with the basics of sending out e-newsletters using MailChimp and through her attendance at this course, she is now able to customise her own template and include quality images and videos. In addition, she also learned to analyse the data / insights on both Facebook and MailChimp which helps her to identify her target market and see what actions they are taking.

Since the course, Patricia has sent out an e-newsletter to her growing database and feels confident that it presents her business in a more professional way. She is also communicating more with customers using Facebook by posting more frequently and replying to enquiries quickly which has led to increased sales.