The ESF funded Skills Support for the Workforce project has helped self employed Shauna Osborne-Dowle gain the certification that she needed to successfully promote herself and her services and facilitate the growth of her business.

Shauna runs her own video production company called Medial Productions. She offers a bespoke digital and creative service that includes Directing, Videography and Digital Editing and creating films and show reels for online, exhibition and DVD.

The main source of Shauna’s income is from private commissions and her success is solely dependant on her ability to secure clients and jobs. Shauna found herself in need of more new clients and felt that while she had a wealth of experience with a variety of digital mediums what she was lacking was the certification to validate her skills. Whilst personal recommendations gained her some new clients, changes in economic conditions in Cornwall meant that fewer people were in a position to hire a professional such as Shauna to produce their videos for them. Knowing that she would have to find clients from a wider area Shauna needed to ensure that she was promoting herself in the best possible way. It is for this reason that she contacted DPN (Digital Peninsula Network).

Shauna attended a course that taught the professional imaging software package Adobe Photoshop. Shauna has limited experience with the software and she felt that by attending the training not only would she be able to add a new service to her skill set but she would also receive a qualification to add to her resume and give new clients the reassurance that they were hiring a service from somebody who was competent and knowledgeable. Shauna also wished to learn more about how she could use the software to create new and engaging business cards and flyers that she could use to promote herself and attract further clients.  

In addition to the Adobe Photoshop training Shauna also felt that her basic IT skills were in need of refreshing and improving. Shauna was aware of the constant developments in the field of IT but she struggled to find the time to keep up to date with IT advancements, particularly in the areas of security and safe storage of her work. By completing the DPN training she was also able to validate her IT skills and add another valuable qualification to her resume.

Shauna thanks the support that DPN received from the Skills Support for the Workforce project to enable her to achieve this:

“Although these skills were pre existing I had no evidence of certification or levels attained which potential employers could understand. I had always felt it necessary to gain this certification but until now did not think that it was an affordable option”
Since completing the course Shauna has been working on developing her client base and feels much more confident about the future of her business. She is happy with the level of training that she received and felt that it was perfectly designed for small businesses such as hers:

“I would recommend the training to anybody. The best thing is that it’s flexible to individuals with different needs”