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Digital Marketing Diploma

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Bringing digital marketing skills into your business has never been easier with our 12-18 months of funded training available.

DPN’s Digital Marketing Diploma is 95-100% funded and is suitable for learners at any stage of their career who want to benefit from digital marketing skills.

Whether your business is made up of 2 or 200 people, anyone who is not alone in the business, or is considering taking on a helping hand can be eligible.

Why You Should Attend

DPN’s Digital Marketing Diploma is a modern and cost-effective way to transform your business, whether using them to attract new staff, upskill yourself, or existing employees.

You’ll benefit from 12-18 months of funded training, learning up-to-date marketing theory and practical skills through a combination of online learning and practical workplace experience.


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Want to know more? We'll be looking at:

Marketing principles
Marketing strategies
Understanding your customers
Digital marketing platforms
Web design
Email marketing
And much more…

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Now it’s up to you.

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Wherever possible DPN will access funding to subsidise training costs, please ask for more details.


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