What we do | Digital Peninsula Network

What we do

Digital Peninsula Network is devoted to helping the ICT and digital media industry to become more profitable.

We provide a framework of support for our membership and promote Cornwall as the UK's digital peninsula – a leading region in the development and use of digital technology.

All businesses are rapidly becoming more reliant on digital technology so in addition to supporting businesses working in the ICT / Digital sector DPN supports all businesses to make the best use of  digital technology. Our work is targeted at SMEs in Cornwall and focusses on the following key areas:

Skills and knowledge: DPN primarily helps IT and digital businesses keep abreast of the rapidly evolving digital media technologies, through skills training and up-to-date information. It also provide a wide range of  relevant and flexible courses and apprenticeships to cater for the needs of every SME wanting to develop their use of digital technologies.

Business advice: DPN supports new ICT / Digital businesses who wish to establish themselves in the Cornish, British and international markets  through advice, business training, Apprenticeships, staff recruitment support and marketing opportunities.

Networking: DPN encourages the creation of more ICT related jobs through a wide range of networking events, seminars and workshops.

Marketing: Through a range of promotional events, online directories and international development projects, DPN assists ICT businesses in raising their profile and marketing themselves locally, nationally and internationally.