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Who we train

DPN is an organisation committed to supporting ICT and digital businesses in Cornwall and helping other businesses make the best use of Digital technology. Through our work, we support and provide training to a wide range of people and businesses including:

  • ICT (information and communication technology) and Digital industry professionals, including companies whose primary business purpose is the provision ICT/Digital goods and services and professionals who view their work as primary ICT-orientated.
  • Business managers and leaders who need to understand and use ICT and Digital technology to increase the company’s competitiveness and productivity.
  • ICT users, including all professionals whose jobs require ICT and Digital skills on a day to day basis.

Although focussed on supporting ICT / Digital companies and the existing workforce of ICT users, DPN also recognises the need for everyone to have a good level of digital knowledge and confidence, as a way to improve their employability, network, socialise and access government services.

Digital businesses and professionals in Cornwall

If you run or are part of an ICT or digital business based in Cornwall then DPN may well be able to help you with the support and training you need to enhance your business, from improving your technical skills to developing management or negotiation skills, let us know what you need and we will endeavour to source the best training for you.

Below are some of the occupations considered by DPN to be part of the ICT and digital industry: This list is by no means exhaustive, it just gives an idea of the kinds of businesses included in the sector.

  • Software/ hardware designer/manufacturer
  • Programmer
  • Mobile phone / tablet application designer
  • Website designer
  • Website copy writer
  • Computer technician
  • Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic designer

Anybody in employment

If you are a traditional business looking at developing your internet and computer skills to take advantage of the rapid growth of the internet and the fantastic opportunity this offers to many businesses, then get in touch with us we will help and support you as much as we can.

People at risk of redundancy or recently made redundant

DPN is able to offer support and training to people living in Cornwall who are at risk of redundancy or who have been recently made redundant.  If you are at risk of redundancy or have recently been made redundant give us a call to see how we can help. Call 01736 333700 or email training@digitalpeninsula.com for more information.

Young people:

If you are between 16-19 and interested in a career using computers and Digital skills get in touch with us now. We work with employers, to find job and apprenticeship opportunities for young people interested in developing their digital skills to take advantage of the fantastic digital job opportunies available across all sectors.

Unemployed people:

If you are unemployed looking for a work opportunity or if you are in employment but could benefit from training to bring new digital skills to your company, get in touch with us. We can provide a range of training opportunities and Digital Apprenticeships to help you gain employment using you new digital skills. DPN works with its large memberships of over nine thousand businesses in Cornwall to source ICT / Digital related employment and Digital apprenticeship opportunities for people of all ages across all sectors of cornwalls business community.

Professional women in Cornwall

If you are a woman and if your business is based in Cornwall, then you might benefit from Network Cornwall.

Network Cornwall, DPN’s network of professional and business women in Cornwall, has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs promote their business, exchange advice and network with other like-minded business women. Why not join it yourself now? We also run training courses especially for women interested in ICT and Digital Technology. Give our training adviser  a call on 01736 333700 or email training@digitalpeninsula.com for more information.

Film industry professionals in Cornwall

DPN is also committed to help Cornish businesses and professionals in the film sector raise their profile and keep abreast of the industry. If you are a film maker, video editor, programmer, animator, producer… then Cornwall Media Focus is for you, offering you a wide range of networking and training opportunities. For more information about Cornwall Media Focus get in touch on 01736 333700 or email training@digitalpeninsula.com.