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Case Study - Tidey Finds

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Samantha Hulme has a passion for creativity and has spent many years following this passion. Like many others, she started multiple craft businesses in the past, but her heart hasn’t ever been truly in the business side of things.

Finding a balance between employment and home-schooling three young children is key to Sam as a mother of seven.

In April last year (2021), Sam created an amazing business, Tidey Finds, where she creates unique pictures using a variety of plastics and other waste collected during beach cleans across Cornwall.

I started Tidey Finds in April last year as we were in lockdown and going to the beach was one of very few things we were allowed to do. The business grew from there.

With her business growing exponentially within its first 12 months Sam recognised that she would benefit from external digital marketing training to better position and promote her business.

Sam completed the inaugural Content Creation short course developed and delivered by Digital Peninsula Network in November 2021. This four-day training programme is aimed at supporting small business owners better understand their business positioning, and how best to promote it across a range of marketing channels.

She has used this new knowledge to create text and edit images for her new website. Sam has also been able to upgrade her social media channels and presence with engaging content and a new logo using skills learned on the course.

Catalyst for change

Sam has increased confidence in her activities following the training. Her mindset has changed from this being a passion, to a full-fledged business.

This increased confidence has led Sam to not only source additional training but to attend further face-to-face business events where she can promote her products.

“I have started looking at things from a business point of view. It has re-framed my thinking about running a business rather than selling my hobby. It gave me an opportunity to think about my business and its positioning, that I never imagined doing. I am naturally shy and reserved in nature, so I can find it difficult to put myself out there. Now that I have completed the training and learned business skills, I’m more willing to attend events and talk to people about my business. And I want others to feel the increased confidence that I now feel because of DPN’s training."
Samantha Hulme, Tidey Finds

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About Tidey Finds

Tidey Finds ( create unique pictures using a variety of plastics and other waste collected during beach cleans in Cornwall.

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