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Phil Sanger: Email Marketing

Phil is the owner of Regent Courts Vets, a small yet busy business that has been established for 25 years.  His wife is the senior vet at the surgery and they currently employ 10 staff.  Phil manages the day-to-day operations including HR, administration, maintenance, marketing and promotion.  

Phil heard about the Digital Peninsula Network through the Cornwall Business Hub after a visit from one of their team. He had some basic knowledge of digital marketing and was keen to learn more in order to develop a more effective digital marketing strategy.  

As Phil handles daily operations at the vet surgery, it is important that he manages his time efficiently amongst his numerous responsibilities.  
The best part of training is hard to pin point as on the whole I found it was excellent. Having previously worked as a college lecturer I noted that great differentiation was used throughout the course to manage several different characters and their learning styles. I also found the teacher hugely knowledgeable from an industry-based background and also very funny and witty that kept us all entertained.

The main impact the training has had on my role is that it has made me understand the benefits and limitations of the software that I have learnt. Now rather than just throwing all into it and watching it fail I can test different campaigns and use the most appropriate one to provide  greater results. It also saves me masses of time as I don't just fumble through it.

The value that this training has brought to my current role is that it had inspired me to get more involved in this type of marketing as I realise that although it is widely used in other areas, within pet health care there is still a massive scope for it to make a real difference to gaining and maintaining a strong client base. I now aspire to be one of the best Veterinary marketers using this sort of software in the Cornwall.