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Five Ideas to Make Your Products More Memorable

Five ideas to make your products more memorable

Today we’re going to look at ecommerce, and more specifically ways to make your products more memorable to your customers.

With so many options available to your customers, why not add a little something special when you’re packaging your product. A little something to make your customers smile.

Thankfully, our friends at Shopify have five ready-made ideas for you to consider.

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1. Send thank you notes
There’s nothing more personal or memorable than a handwritten note, especially with so many experiences happening online.

The choice is yours whether to go down the handwritten route or a printed design. These can be created quickly (and cheaply). They’re easy to scale, too. Just design and print a template, jot a short note, and drop it in the package!

2. Send discount coupons
They’re the gift that keeps on giving. You discount a little, and your customer is more likely to spend a little more. They will either buy from you again or share that discount with a new potential customer. Everyone’s a winner. 

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3. Share information on the person(s) who made the product
You’ve probably heard many marketers say it, it’s almost annoying. But it’s also true: people will regularly fall in love and connect with stories.

So if you want customers to bond with your brand, let them in on the backstory of your products: who made them, what inspired them, and so on.

4. Tell customers where your product has been
Speaking of stories, another way to stir imagination is to turn your own product into a character.

Walk customers through your product’s journey, where it comes from, and where it’s been. Customers appreciate transparency: This is your chance to open up about your process or where your products are sourced from.

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5. Brand every piece
Have you ever bought something because it came in a nice bottle of had quirky packaging? You’re not the only one.

The more effort you put into creating an experience with your packaging, the more unique and memorable it is. And the more customers will want to snag one for themselves.

And that’s it. Five simple tools you can use to make your products more memorable to customers. Even better, most of these can also be used if you’re selling your products face to face.