TARA TRETHOWAN: Photoshop | Digital Peninsula Network


Prior to the course Tara had set up her own business development consultancy and was working solely on her own.  Before taking part in the course Tara felt that she was facing a number of barriers which was therefore having a negative impact on her business.

Tara wanted to be able to offer extra to her clients, particularly with regard to graphics and branding.  She wanted to be more aware of imagery and how this is reflected in e-marketing campaigns.  So, by taking part in the course, Tara has been able to really embrace these particular areas and bring down those barriers, with fantastic results.

Tara says “by attending this course, there are many useful skills that I have learnt, but what is particularly important to me is the stronger understanding that I have about brands and how to utilise this with e-marketing”.  Another barrier to Tara was time and money which she feels has been overcome due to the course.

Tara says “The course has been a great time and therefore money saver, which really has helped a great deal with our bottom line, it has been so helpful”

By having this training Tara has had a hands-on approach and been able to physically produce the marketing material herself, which therefore compliments her existing knowledge of developing a campaign.  She now has the full package and a truly personal approach to building her brand.
She learnt how to develop graphics to manipulate images for website use and e-marketing materials.  Therefore highlighting brand awareness and marketing possibilities.  From the use of colour, to the choice of imagery for  websites and business cards, Tara now feels confident to take her business forward in a way which feels personal to her.

Tara, found this course extremely useful and most of all practical.

From learning the basic functions of Photoshop, to the hands-on learning of how to adjust and manipulate imagery, this course has been an essential part of Tara’s business moving forward.
“This course really has helped my business to grow. It has provided me with skill and importantly the confidence,  which therefore in return gives our clients more confidence in the advice in which we are offering, it really is great”

With such a boost in confidence and with her new skill and knowledge, Tara is fully focussed on taking her business to a higher level, looking to branch out further afield, possibly at National level.

Due to the course, Tara has gained a real excitement and passion for imagery and branding and so much so, has recently taken a big step to make in-house design a tier of her business.
Tara says “By being able to develop image/branding/marketing in-house makes sense.  We are able to offer our clients that bit extra for their business, so they have more choice, it saves them and us time and therefore great customer service”

Tara says “This course, really has helped by business to grow, so I am very grateful for that”
If Tara did not take part in the course, she would certainly not have the confidence and passion to take those initial steps forward in order to develop the new areas of her business.
Outsourcing to other companies, would be costly and waste time.

As this course is specifically for learners with little or no qualifications.  It is therefore particularly important to merit Tara’s achievements. The skills and knowledge in which she has gained and the confidence to take her business forward in light of the training, is highly commendable.  Tara is a great example of how projects/courses such as this, can have a real impact on individual’s lives.
Since taking part in the course Tara’s business has grown from strength to strength.  Tara originally ran her business on her own and handled all aspects, but has since employed a new member of staff is now looking to employ another.  

Each of the learners, are able to bring with them work that they would like to personally develop.  This therefore gives them the opportunity to have a real hands-on approach to their learning and have an actual product to take away with them that they have developed themselves.
It is this very interactive form of training, which really does help each of the learners and DPN gain great results.