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Boosting Careers with Digital Skills

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Boosting Careers with Digital Skills is a 3-year project providing free training in digital and basic skills to employees experiencing ‘in work poverty’ across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The project is focused on helping the region’s lowest paid employees gain desirable digital and life skills which can improve their productivity at work, and their ability to obtain higher wages, more sustainable employment opportunities and achieve their longer-term goals.

The £813,135 project, part-funded by the European Social Fund, is being delivered by Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) in partnership with Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C) and the Isles of Scilly Council with £121,417 match funding contributed from Cornwall Council.

Why do we need Boosting Careers with Digital Skills?

40% of employees in the region earn below the low pay threshold with limited earning mobility. Many workers in low pay for prolonged periods find it more difficult for them to acquire new skills and progress in the workplace or find a new job.

Developing and learning new digital skills play a crucial role in improving productivity and competitiveness of businesses, whilst also boosting the skills confidence and ultimately the employability of an individual.

Working with Cornish businesses

Boosting Careers with Digital Skills will directly support businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly by working with local employers to identify their digital skill needs, and offering free digital and basic skills training to their lowest paid employees. The project will work with businesses across all sectors of the local economy, delivering training which best meets local needs from basic digital skills up to Level 3 and above in digital subjects.

Free Digital and Basic Skills Training for employees

Through the project, eligible employees will be able to access free training to gain qualifications in basic and introductory level skills in digital subjects. The training across a variety of levels has been created to increase participant’s opportunities at work, will contribute to mental and physical health, and increase social inclusion.

How can I get involved?

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with more information.